Jensen’s face when Misha says “It barely shows, but I know it’s hard”


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Eric kripke said to us, maybe the second episode that we ever filmed (U)

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“I want to protect the show, and I want to protect our fans.”

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The Many Faces of Osric Chau 9.10.14

Photography by devantheimpaler

Rufio, Edward Scissorhands, and Princess Bubblegum costume by devantheimpaler

Booker Dewitt and Edward Kenyway costumes by Brent

Wonder Woman armor by Tatiana

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and now we've grown up
and our little families are complete

I didn’t see a post with all of their families together, so I decided to just make it. 

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I asked Max to preserve the crime scene until after the trial was over. You never know what forensic clues you’ll find to help our case later.